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Petkit Fresh Element 3 Smart Feeder 5L

Absolutely fantastic…our cat is more settled now that she's having smaller meals more frequently without over feeding her. And the voice over is a huge bonus.

Purrfect product!

The Petkit backpack arrived on time and I was impressed with the quality. My cat was soon enjoying his new mode of transport! I will certainly recommend your company, especially as it is Australian and of such a high standard.

Ibiyaya Pet Trailer

Fantastic pet stroller, easy to use for long walks with our 16 year old terrier when he cannot walk alongside us any longer AAAAA+++++

Cat biscuit container

A very stylish well sealed container that looks good on the counter.

Happy Kitty Kazoo High Bed Scratching Post with Rope

My cat loves it, so luxurious for him, he gives it u thumbs 👍 up. I do believe in quality and this product has it!
Thank you Modern Pets, will be saving my pennies to purchase the Five Level Play Ground cat tree next ... 🙂🙂🙂

Dog gate/divider

Great product for our needs and super fast delivery! Very happy customer.

I found the customer service was excellent, I am very happy with the pet carrier and my pooch is even happier.
Great service, delivery prompt and product is top class, i can not fault my experience with Modern Pets thank you.

Perfect 👍

This litter box is brilliant, the design is great. My cat took to it no problem. Functions really well for her and me. Fantastic.

Scratcher lounge

Good size, strong enough for my two adult cats. They love it. Quick delivery.👍👍

Best Pet fountain ever!!

My cats absolutely love this fountain and prefer it to their old one, they are side by side but cats now choose this one! I think it’s because the water flow is much calmer. It’s also quieter than other cat fountains and looks much nicer and sleeker! A win for cats and owners ☺️

Cat litter

Very happy with the delivery time frame. My cat loves her litter very absorbent .

Cats In Love Moderna Litter Box

This litter box is lovely looking. I have purchased both sizes the larger being comfortable for a larger kitty. It looks great with a colourful mat in any room of the house. I have four litter boxes from the Moderna brand all purchased from Modern Pets. I am extremely happy with their products and customer service Susanne Love the matching kitty bowls.

Dog puzzle

My two puppies worked together on the puzzle for their treats and loved it. Took them a couple of attempts to figure it out. Now they can finish it in no time. Will be purchasing the next difficulty now!

So worth it!

My puppy loves this dog house. She is so comfortable settling in and goes in voluntarily when she’s sleepy. Absolutely worth the price.

My pup loves it!

My 10 week old puppy immediately fell in love with the bed. It was the first thing she got comfortable with upon coming home. I hope I’ve got her a smaller one though

Amazing service

I recently made a purchase, omitting one of my items. Modern Pets came to my assistance first thing the next day. I really appreciated the extra service. Thank you.

Great Setup

My cat is happy to use it and looks very stylish. It’s made of good strong material too.

Good one

Flexible for different sized doors/corridors and limits our beastie nicely. Does the job well.


My cats love the infinity scratcher, the size is way better than their old ones. They also have taken to the permit fountain instantly. I was hesitant to buy here because i usually shop at pet barn but I’m definitely coming back after they proved to be great and shipped quickly. I’m super hesitant of online petstore scams but can confirm modern pets are reliable!!

Caterpillar great squeaky and tug toy

My toy poodle loves this toy I even bought one for my mums dog.
Fantastic .

Jumbo litter tray

Awesome product ample space for kitty to do his business with little to no mess.

Fantastic products bring relief to 4 cats & their mum =)

What a fantastic purchase for my 4 indoor cats & me - 2 jumbo size scoop free litter boxes which suit the Maine Coon X and the Ragdoll as well as the 2 older petite sisters. The scoop free boxes are made from a smooth, slippery plasticy material which means no more poop sticking to the sides and around the edges like the previous large storage boxes I had. The Ragdoll has frequent diarrhoea & vomiting from a gastric condition & used to make a horrid mess everywhere, now it's so easy to clean up. And the new boxes look soooo much nicer.
I also switched the litter to the Michu original tofu cat litter which has virtually no smell new or used to offend my nose or their more sensitive ones. No more stinky litter boxes - truly! We even have one in our bedroom with no odour at all, it's incredible. I have used so many different litters & was preparing to return to the pine pellets but the tofu is brilliant & well worth the slightly higher cost especially as they don't go through it very quickly, it clumps well & there's no waste. The Ragdoll does still kick a little bit out but nothing like he used to.
It was very easy to get them to use the new boxes & the new litter. I put a new one next to an old one & let them choose which one they wanted. It took probably 2 days before they were all using the new ones (the Ragdoll naturally used all 4 boxes - just as well I love him heaps!) I took the old boxes away after a week & no mishaps at all. The sisters often toileted outside in the cat run but are mainly using the boxes now especially with this cold, wet winter, I can't blame them.
The other great item I bought was the Moderna lift to sift scoop. It's a much better shape & design so I've tossed the previous flat ones away. I haven't used the boxes in the shake mode (which is why I bought this design) but now have 2 extra trays if I need to put out more boxes. I use the scoop frequently during the day (4 cats, 2 boxes & 1 messy boy) it's quick & easy to keep the boxes clean & everyone is happy.
And last but by no means least was the great service & quick delivery from Marco & Sarah at Modern Pets - thanks for everything from some very happy customers, Jane =), Munchkin, Tinkabel, Sabrina & Kobi =^..^=

Slightly crushed on mail

Petkit Eversweet V2 Dog Water Bottle Travel Bowl, White

Designer Dog Lead, Pale Pink Plaited