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Easy step in harness, with a splash of colour.
Leash could be a bit longer, especially for a smaller breed dog.


Such a gorgeous cat carrier. It's very stable and sturdy and my cat is very comfortable inside

Car seat for small dog

Excellent car seat secure and comfortable. Well made and attractive

Dog pram

I recieved dog pram approximately 4 weeks ago..pram great but has faulty zips that won't allow for hood to close to secure...correspondence has been good..they are keeping me updated ..awaiting replacement...

Good stuff and puss loves it

Delivered within 2 days and my cat loves it crumbled as a topper to her wet food. Very happy with this premium protein product.

Louie lead

Love love love Sadie’s new lead and harness,they look amazing and very easy to put on.

Sleek and quiet with minor flaw

I recently purchased the Ceraflow pet water fountain for my 3 sphynx, and overall, I'm quite pleased.


Sleek Design: The fountain's modern design seamlessly blends into my home décor, adding a touch of elegance to my pet's corner.
Quiet Operation: One of the standout features of this fountain is its whisper-quiet operation. Even when running at full capacity, the sound is barely noticeable.
Easy Setup and Cleaning: Setting up the fountain was a breeze, and the removable parts make it effortless to clean and maintain.


Vulnerable Cord: While the fountain itself is well-designed, I encountered a minor issue with the cord. The product description didn't mention the tiny plastic piece meant to secure the cord to the side of the fountain, nor is it shown in the product photos. Unfortunately, my curious cats easily remove this piece, leaving the cord exposed and vulnerable to damage.

Despite the minor flaw with the cord, I'm overall quite satisfied with the fountain. Its sleek design, quiet operation, and ease of use make it a great addition to any pet owner's home. I would highly recommend it to others, with the caveat to keep an eye on the cord's security.

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We're happy to hear that you're generally pleased with the Ceraflow pet water fountain. We appreciate your insight regarding the cable issue and will take it into consideration for future improvements. Your recommendation means a lot to us!

Cat Shelf

Absolutely love the cat shelf (so does Binx my cat). Slimline and colour perfect - fits into our décor beautifully.

Cat Steaming Brush

Both my cats (and me of course) are very happy: the steam flow is gentle and allow to clean and detangle their fur in a simple and pleasant way. As you can see from the pictures, they are pretty comfortable and appreciative...

Great quality and easy to use.

Cute and light

At the time of writing, I'm training my dog to get used to the backpack, but the product itself is perfect. It is solid enough that I have no worries that he will get squished, and light enough that it really doesn't add a huge extra weight. The fact you can use it as either a backpack or a bag is fantastic, and the extra strap over the chest for stabilisation is great. He's now used to sitting in it, and we've walked short distances with him in it (whilst feeding enormous amounts of treats), so hopefully soon it will be long distances and few treats, and then eagerness to get in it.

Fabulous product and delivery

Love this kitty litter for my large Siberian cat. It hides in a corner, traps the whiff and looks as stylish as a kitty litter could. Great service and delivery to boot. Thank you

My cats love it and so do I!

My cats instantly took to the Michu. I just had carpet installed so I love it because it means no accidents over the top of the sides and less drifting of dust when my kitties scratch up the litter. I really recommend the Michu.

Perfect cat tree!

I searched for months for a cat tree with multiple comfortable sleeping areas and fun spaces for play, as well as being attractive and not carpet-covered. This tree is also extremely sturdy, easy to build and high quality. My cat loves it and uses it every day, and it looks beautiful in our house. :)


Love it. I use this for several ~2kg packets of cat food. It is like a bottomless pit but everything is so easy to access. Easy rolling. Easy lid to open for humans. Ant issue resolved.

Best litterbox there is!

This litterbox is amazing, I bought the Large size instead of jumbo only because I liked the colour of the green sift tray better (haha!!), but I also read comments that the sift on the jumbo is different. The size is really good though, and sift works well. Some of the wood pellets get stuck in the sift tray but its no big deal I just whack them out when I do a deep clean of the tray. The sides are also nice and high on all 4 sides which is great. Buy it!

Petwant Automatic Feeder

We purchased two of these feeders and they are fabulous. They save us in the mornings and our two cats wait for them to go off and our cats are not nervous or afraid of them. The service and delivery from Modern Pets was fabulous and so quick. We are absolutely delighted with the product and service from Modern Pets and we will definately be purchasing from them again
Thankyou to such a wonderful company.

Cosy little bed

Nice and compact. Bit smaller than I thought. Just fits my largish cavoodle. Foam bottom is pretty firm. I cover the bed with blankets that can easily be washed and for extra softness. My dog loves to rest her head on the sides of the bed like a pillow.

Great product

Very happy with these travel crates

Expandable Pet Backack

This backpack is serving its purpose perfectly. Our 16 year old indoor cat is now enjoying the great outdoors as we travel around the country. She walks on a lead when feeling fresh and is happy to be in the backpack when tired. The expandable section gives her more space when we stop for a break, and she feels safe especially in a busy area.
I had to shorten the straps and it sits comfortably on my back.
I also use it in the van as her carrier cage and it straps in easily with out own seat belt arrangement.

Very happy doggo

I’ve been giving this supplement, along with the Hiip & Joint and Skin & Coat supplements from Petz Park to my 8yp staffy for a few months and the results are amazing. Her fur is soft and shiny, her skin is clear and she’s
not had a skin flare up, skin allergies or any scratching (which were frequent beforehand). Most pleasing of all is that her mood has improved demonstrably, she’s happier and more active. She LOVES the taste of all 3 powders…the amount of whining, barking and excitement every night as she impatiently waits whilst I measure her supplements and sprinkle on her dinner is hilarious.
These are a great natural option for doggos needing some extra support, and they’ve made a huge difference for my ageing and adored staffy.

Moated food bowls

Great design and concept. Those pesky ants are now "history".


Love my purchase, looks good and great quality! :)

Luxury Bolster bed

My dog loves her new bed

Did not find any improvement in my dogs itching

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry that it didn't meet your expectations in addressing your dog's itching. However, this Probiotic Supplement is designed to assist with common gut issues such as constipation, bloating, flatulence, paw licking, and diarrhea, as stated in the product description.

If you're seeking a solution specifically for itching, we recommend exploring our other products tailored to address that concern. Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance in finding the most suitable option for your pet.