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Michu Tofu Natural Clumping Cat Litter, Original

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    Steph Kitchin
    Michu Tofu Litter

    This is the best kitty litter I've ever used after 17 years of being a cat owner. I've been using Michu for about a year now and it's excellent. It clumps well, flushes well and prevents full on odours for about 3-4 weeks of just topping up – whereas crystals I find you have wafting odours after a few days. I find I can get away with topping up the litter occasionally over about 4 weeks. And then I will clear it out and put a fresh batch in. I would recommend this product to family and friends. Plus it's Aussie owned which is way better than giving your money to the corporates when buying the supermarket-owned brand of tofu litter!

    Works very well

    Our cat took to this litter straight away.
    No dust and easy clean up makes it easy to use, and no odours!

    Pricy but worth it

    Very good quality flushable litter. No issues with clogging the toilet. Neutralises urine odour very well.

    Ros van Mierlo
    Good stuff

    Very happy with this kitty litter ..... and our cats seem very happy with it too!

    Joanne Sertori
    tofu cat litter

    I tried the litter not convinced that it is better value than my cuttent litter.

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