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About us

Modern Pets is a specialist online retailer of stylish, high quality and well-priced pet products sourced from around the world. As adoring pet owners we know, that while our pets need products that give them comfort and security, we also appreciate accessories that can integrate with our stylish homes. Our dedicated buying team, who has a deep knowledge of latest trends and designs in the pet accessory market, simply thrives on sourcing the ideal product to suit every pet and owner need. While focussing on providing premium pet products is our aim, we also understand the importance of exceptional customer service with every purchase, every time.

Our mission and promise to you is:

  • To source and sell pet products that are well-designed and well-priced;
  • To provide the best customer service through:
    • Rapid customer response time; and
    • Free shipping to most metro & major regional areas for orders over $29 (oversized items excluded)
    • Fast delivery shipping within 24-48 hours (excluding public holidays & weekends)
    • 30-day hassle-free return policy; and
    • 12-month warranty.
Evolving, enhancing and growing our business to improve the quality of life of our customers and their pets with our innovative products is something that we are, and will continue to be passionate about.

Marco Bennardo

Of Italian descent, Marco grew up in Doncaster, Melbourne where his mother still lives today. Following high school he went on to study construction at university, but it was even back then that Marco remembers wanting to set up a business. Fast forwarding a couple of decades, and after spending many years as a design manager in the construction building industry, the feeling of owning a business returned to Marco. Wanting more passion, freedom and time in his life to spend with his family–including his most-loved doggie, Gustavo–eventually led him to commence Modern Pets. In his spare time Marco enjoys playing the drums and has done so for many bands. Today he continues to play for pleasure and his love of music.

Michela Pellizon

Michela is the marketing manager of Modern Pets, an Italian high school teacher and Marco’s partner. Born in Trieste, she immigrated to Australia in her mid-twenties. Thirteen years ago she met Marco at a ‘grape grazing’ festival which was followed by marriage and owning/doting on a ‘furry’ child, Gustavo. Later came their two gorgeous ‘human’ gals, Giulia and Giorgia. Michela enjoys photography, spending time with her friends, family and organising cultural events for the Italian community.


A Maltese-cross Lhasa Apso, Gustavo is now 12 years old and the main inspiration behind Modern Pets. He used to be a terror, destroying everything from socks to mobile phones, but now he is the picture of calm and has recently and sadly been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. The good news, however, is that he is responding well to the medication.