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Scoop Free Cat Litter Box, Moderna Lift-to-Sift Grey, Jumbo

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jemima Capper
    Simple and effective.

    This litter box has made things much easier!
    It meets my expectations and is as advertised. The cats are very happy and very little litter escapes the box during use.

    Now that I’m using it I do wish that the litter boxes and sieve had small handles to make it easier to lift out each box. I don’t think this would be necessary with the smaller size but the larger size is heavy with the litter that I use so it can be a little tricky to separate and lift the boxes. It would also be super cool if only 3/4 of the sieve was gridded and 1/4 solid plastic. That would mean that in transferring the used litter to the bin you could tilt the sieve to the solid area and no crumbs would fall to the floor. Without that change you can still just pop the other tray underneath for easy transfer this so it shouldn’t be a reason not to buy! These are very small tweaks, but I’d probably buy a second if such a model came out.

    Colin Lowe
    Great for multiple cats

    We upgraded to this litter box after getting a second cat, with one cat it was easy to clean up after every use but with two we'd have to scoop and scoop to find all the clumps, much easier with this sifter tray.

    Works great!

    Bought this and wasn't aware that i need to use clumping litter. Instead, i am using wood pellets and it works great! The pellets are good size and don't fall through the holes.

    Paula Riley
    Jumbo litter tray

    Awesome product ample space for kitty to do his business with little to no mess.

    Jane Eddy
    Fantastic products bring relief to 4 cats & their mum =)

    What a fantastic purchase for my 4 indoor cats & me - 2 jumbo size scoop free litter boxes which suit the Maine Coon X and the Ragdoll as well as the 2 older petite sisters. The scoop free boxes are made from a smooth, slippery plasticy material which means no more poop sticking to the sides and around the edges like the previous large storage boxes I had. The Ragdoll has frequent diarrhoea & vomiting from a gastric condition & used to make a horrid mess everywhere, now it's so easy to clean up. And the new boxes look soooo much nicer.
    I also switched the litter to the Michu original tofu cat litter which has virtually no smell new or used to offend my nose or their more sensitive ones. No more stinky litter boxes - truly! We even have one in our bedroom with no odour at all, it's incredible. I have used so many different litters & was preparing to return to the pine pellets but the tofu is brilliant & well worth the slightly higher cost especially as they don't go through it very quickly, it clumps well & there's no waste. The Ragdoll does still kick a little bit out but nothing like he used to.
    It was very easy to get them to use the new boxes & the new litter. I put a new one next to an old one & let them choose which one they wanted. It took probably 2 days before they were all using the new ones (the Ragdoll naturally used all 4 boxes - just as well I love him heaps!) I took the old boxes away after a week & no mishaps at all. The sisters often toileted outside in the cat run but are mainly using the boxes now especially with this cold, wet winter, I can't blame them.
    The other great item I bought was the Moderna lift to sift scoop. It's a much better shape & design so I've tossed the previous flat ones away. I haven't used the boxes in the shake mode (which is why I bought this design) but now have 2 extra trays if I need to put out more boxes. I use the scoop frequently during the day (4 cats, 2 boxes & 1 messy boy) it's quick & easy to keep the boxes clean & everyone is happy.
    And last but by no means least was the great service & quick delivery from Marco & Sarah at Modern Pets - thanks for everything from some very happy customers, Jane =), Munchkin, Tinkabel, Sabrina & Kobi =^..^=

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