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December 24, 2018

Your dream of getting a puppy has finally come true! The cuddles, the stroking of soft hair and the running in the park with your new fur baby are now reality. So here you are, bringing a puppy home.

He’s out of the box and staring at you with big puppy eyes; and it suddenly dawns on you. There is more to this than meets those eyes, you actually need a new puppy kit? Read on and discover the tools required for a new dog owner.


Dog collars

The importance of a dog collar can’t be underestimated as it holds all of your pet’s vital information such as dog tags with name / contacts and identification dog tags which are micro-chipped in case your puppy goes missing.

Depending on whether your puppy is young and needs training, or you have adopted an older rescue dog, the collar needs to suit your hound. Respected dog behaviourist Cesar Millan suggests a soft and malleable dog collar for your puppy and for older larger breeds, collars made from strong, heavy leather with an adjustable buckle are best. To begin your exploration, check out this chic collection from German pet accessory brand Hunter and to read about other stylish dog collar ideas click here

If your puppy is wee, try purchasing a softer quirkier personalised dog collar. Bright colours and a tag in the shape of a bone may be just the ticket. Or why not try a Scottish tartan pattern, or ID Pet’s customised collection of collars, leads & dog tags? The above article also advises that ‘for a young puppy, you will need to check the collar every couple of weeks to check for size’. Dog collars will need to change as your puppy hits new stages in development.

Dog leads

Dog leads are next on the list and essential for control while out walking your puppy / dog in public places. Choose an adjustable, well-made dog lead with a strong clip to attach to a dog collar. A weak lead will easily tear or unclip from a dog collar causing a runaway dog and a lot of grief. Cesarsway website suggests a lead with a loop that’s easy to grip. A shorter training lead for a new pup followed by longer leads as your dog grows.

Health and toilet training

  • Vaccinations – In this informative article, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association advises puppies to be first vaccinated at 8–9 weeks of age, then a second vaccination 3-4 weeks later and a third between 14 and 16 weeks. A booster then follows once a year. Make sure to do your research and choose a good vet nearby.
  • Parasite control – All new puppies will need some parasite control against worms, ticks and fleas. Most of these products are safe to give to puppies from eight weeks onwards advises RSPCA. Puppies will also require intestinal worming more frequently than older dogs.
  • Toilet time - When teaching outside toilet habits to your puppy you’ll most definitely need Waste Control Bags. And for indoor puppy potty training handy and absorbent Puppy Pads will make the job much easier.


Dog crates and dog kennels

Providing your puppy / dog with a good quality dog crate or dog kennel is a fantastic way of teaching your pet boundaries of the house and keeping safe says RSPCA. If you don’t know where to start, Modern Pets has a fabulous collection of dog crate & gates made from solid wood and powder coated steel (coming soon). For an outdoor dog a well-made and insulated dog kennel will provide a comfortable home away from home. I suggest going to specialised pet shop to chat about dog kennel, as they can be an expensive investment that you want them to last through the seasons and years.

Dog beds

As far as dog beds go of course there are many options in the market. To wet your appetite try viewing Dogster’s website for dog beds in designs from cuddly to modern art through to hammock styles as well as Modern Pets’ own stylish dog bed collection. Just remember when choosing a dog bed they should be good-sized, with sides, but make sure it is not too big. If your puppy is young and a chewer make sure to choose a design made with a securing button on the pillow, to ensure their bed isn’t their first choice.

Dog Bowls & Food Containers

Dog bowls and dog food and water containers come in many artistic designs to match your own home décor. Check out Moderna’s collection of stylish feeding accessories, paying particular attention to the ‘Slomo’ which is designed to slow down dog’s speed-eating habits and reduce risk of bloating, gas and digestion problems.

Maintaining a regular eating schedule, even when you have to go out or work odd hours or go out can be challenging. Automatic Pet Feeders give you the freedom to miss a scheduled mealtime without causing any distress. For an uber-smart automatic feeder or treat dispenser with built-in night vision camera that can be controlled by your phone, visit the Smart Pet Technology collection at Modern Pets.

Dog Food

TV vet Dr Katrina Warren recommends to always use the same as the breeder or refuge has been using at first, only changing brands when the pets are settled to avoid stress’.

Dog Entertainment

Along the vein of keeping your pet entertained, experts at Vetwest talk about purchasing dog toys to keep your dog’s chewing under control. They say ‘because chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, instead of having your puppy chew your favourite couch explore chew toys’. There are very clever interactive dog puzzle toys and puppy toys in the market such as Outward Hound’s Nina Ottosson collection designed to keep your pet from that boredom that eventually leads to disaster. And for a treat that will keep your dog happy and chewing charitably, I suggest giving Savourlife Dog Treats a try, provided by a great business that donates 50 percent of all profits to help pet rescue organisations Australia-wide.


Whether you are running, walking or driving with your dog there are a myriad of products that can assist in making the transportation of your pet much easier.

  • Dog car seat cover– Car seat protectors for dogs are designed to give your most loved pet a comfortable and safe ride while protecting the seats of your car from hair and scratch marks. Be sure they strapped in with a harness that can be attached to a seat belt.
  • Dog prams, carriers & backpacks– Eventually you will need to take your puppy on trips away or even to the vet. All of these items assist in getting your puppy / dog from A to B safely and most importantly securely. Modern Pets dedicated team have sourced a range of cleverly-designed pet travel products from respected brands such as Moderna & Ibiyaya. The Ibiyaya collection of dog prams will certainly turn the eyes of other dog owners in your neighbourhood.
  • Dog harnesses - For an extra bouncy puppy, a harness is a sensible option that will give pup and owner ease and comfort while out walking.

Last but not least a dog that smells of roses

Grooming Products

As soon as you get your puppy / dog home train them to enjoy quality grooming time. Buying specialised brushes, shampoos and conditioners for dog hair is important and Essential Dog’s collection provides a natural, safer alternative for your dog and will ensure your furry friend smells as fresh as the daisies.

These include essential oils for dogs’ to keep coats glossy and free from harmful parabens and other nasty chemicals, anti-itch spray for the warmer months and hydrating balm to sooth cracked paws and snouts. Buying a large bottle of organic dog shampoo may cost a little more, but it should last you for many months. If you love to smell good with natural products, so will your pet.

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