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Five Essential Reminders to Keep Your Pet Dog Cool Throughout Summer

January 31, 2019

Summer is a joyous time for plenty of fun, and lots of social activities to fill your calendar with. If you keep a busy social life, you’re likely to expect plenty of backyard barbecues and park catch-ups coming your way. You’d be luckier still if you are a dog owner – which means that you’ll likely be spending the most of summertime outdoors with your favourite furry companion!

There are plenty of scenic adventures and picturesque walks to look forward to together. So what can you do to ensure that the summer season is as comfortable for man’s best friend as it can be for you?

With the warmest months upon us here in Australia, it’s reasonable to see why people never leave home without their hats, sunnies, and sunscreen on. Naturally, we already know these items to be summer staples that make being outdoors a bit more bearable. But have you ever considered how you could also make summer as comfortable for your pet dog?

Read on to explore how you can keep your canine cool and composed all throughout the summertime fun. 

Water is Life
A good supply of water is essential for dealing with the summer heat. You wouldn’t let either yourself or your pet dog go without water in hot weather. If you plan to make the most of summer by being outdoors with your pawed pal, consider how you could make it more convenient for your pet to stay hydrated.

For instance, most pet owners don’t realise that having a source of moving water makes drinking more enticing for your pet. Instead of just making sure the dog water bowl is topped up, consider how a pet water fountain can help your dog stay cool throughout the season.

Another tip that most pet owners may not consider is adding ice cubes to a water bowl or fountain. This way, you can give your dog a nice, iced treat every time they cool off with a drink.

Soothe their Soles
You won’t often see pet dogs out and about in footwear. As clumsy as the idea might sound, this should probably be a consideration given how hot a sidewalk gets in the heat of summer. There are always extras to be considered, especially when it comes to dealing with the heat of summer. A hydrating balm for example, can go miles in helping to soothe your dog’s burnt paws. And it isn’t just their cute paws that get burnt and blistered.

Most dog owners may not consider the harsh effects of the summer sunlight on their pet. If you’ve noticed your pet dog’s paws and nose cracking from the dry weather, our hydrating balm from Essential Dog can help provide a protective layer from exposure to the elements.

Apart from affecting exposed areas of skin, the dry heat can also cause dogs to scratch and gnaw at themselves a little more than usual. In this instance, a dermal anti-itch spray can definitely provide a more comfortable summertime experience for your pet. 

It’s Cooler in the Shade
A dog’s life gets ruff! All puns aside, helping your dog find comfort should be a priority, especially on the warmest days of summer. If your pet dog struggles with being out in this heat, it might be best to avoid walks on hot pavements. If this really can’t be avoided, consider getting it cute booties to keep their paws protected. If your dog struggles with being out in this heat, it might be time to consider how you can keep it cool with a bit of extra shade.

Give it a bit of portable shelter by taking it on walks in a dog pram. You might even encounter a passer-by who mistakes your puppy in a stroller for an infant – but who is anyone to judge the special relationship you have with your canine fur baby? For dog owners who prefer leaving public audiences with a subtler impression, you might want to consider hikes with your dog in a pet carrier bag instead. 

Convenience is Comfort
Comfort can often be found through making convenient decisions. And there are plenty of convenient decisions you could make to ensure the summertime remains pleasant for both you and your dog. An easy adjustment you could make to your daily schedule is to only take your dog out on walks when the heat has dissipated in the evening.

They say that convenience is king, and a smart dog lead is also a great way to keep both you and your dog comfortable during your evening walks. With it, you can keep litter bags, an led light, and your pet dog all within a single arm’s reach. As far as maximising convenience goes, this is a way you can save yourself from needless hassle, and focus on enjoying the outdoors together.

Cool is the Rule
With so much to consider when it comes to keeping your pet dog comfortable outdoors during summer, have you considered how else you could make its indoor experience just as cozy?

Lack of sufficient cooling can make things a bit warm and stuffy for your pet dog. If you notice your dog struggling with the heat indoors, think about how a cooling mat offers the extra comfort to keep your pawed pal feeling a lot cooler.

However, if you are out shopping for a new bed for your dog, consider a dog bed that is as stylish as it is cooling. Made with a breathable poly cotton material, this will let your pet dog sleep comfortably throughout the warmest summer days.