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Nordic Modern Dog House

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Size Guide

size guide


Size 1:
External: L 93cm x W 64.5cm x H 89.4cm
Internal: L 68cm x W 58.6cm
Door Opening: W 28cm x H 45cm
Product Weight: 19.3kg
Recommended Pet Weight Limit: 30kg
Breeds: Pug, Miniature Dachshund, Chihuahua, Maltese, Cavoodle, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel

Size 2:
External: L 112cm x W 78cm x H 107.7cm
Internal (Front Panel Rear): L 79cm x W 71cm
Internal (Front Panel Forward): L 99cm x W 71cm
Door Opening: W 40cm x H 58cm
Product Weight: 26.2kg
Recommended Pet Weight Limit:  50kg 

Breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, English Bulldog, Dalmation, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Standard Poodle

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Heather James
    My beagle loves her Nordic house

    Overall the Nordic dog house is lovely.

    Unfortunately, it is very porous and leaks, we have recently had downpours and my dogs bed inside was wet. So I had to go to a hardware store to buy a piece of plastic to go over the top to stop the rain from going through the wood panels.

    Putting it together was easy enough, I did it myself but there were no screw holes predrilled for parts of it which made it difficult to screw in.

    Having said that it is beautiful and bigger than what she had, it was her 10th Birthday present 🎁 and an early Christmas present. It's the right size for a small Beagle even with the bedding added in.

    I think it would be better as recycled molded plastic that way it would not be so porous when it rains, there wouldn't be any gaps between the planks and would be lighter to move.

    I am happy with it though, it just 4 four stars because of the water seeping through.

    Delivery was fast and they put it where I requested.

    The ordering online was quick and seamless.

    Would I recommend Modern Pets, yes I don't see why not.

    Thank you

    Thank you for sharing your feedback on the Nordic Dog House. We're delighted to hear that it made a special birthday and Christmas gift for your furry friend.

    We're sorry to learn about the water seepage issue during heavy rain, and we'd like to investigate this further to ensure the best experience for you and your pet. Could you provide more details about the specific areas where the leaking occurred? We haven't encountered this issue before, and your insights will help us address any potential concerns.

    We appreciate your positive comments on the quick delivery and seamless online ordering process. If you have any further feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out. We're here to assist!

    Home sweet home

    The perfect and stylish dog home! Wears great in sunshine and rain and easy to assemble.


    Arrived well packaged and was easy to assemble. Looks stunning and the mat I bought with it is the perfect size.


    Great looking easy to put together dog house. Our Aussie Shepherd pup loves it so much that she sinks her teeth into it at every opportunity. Trying to get out of habits before we need to do some repairs but it’s holding up well despite her preferring it to her kong as a teething stick. Few minor defects but overall great value. Screws were well packaged and instructions straight forward.

    Looks good, but there are build and quality issues

    PROS: this is probably the only kennel on the Australian market that looks stylish! It really is a lovely design. And it is easy to put together (think IKEA furniture - most of the holes line up with the screws but some you kind of need to jam in there).

    CONS: the quality of the product did not match the expensive price tag. If I’m paying $500+ (incl postage) for a dog kennel, I expect it to be in much better condition than what I got. The joints have been badly put together with white bits of paper stuck on panels (see pics). I also found some deep chips in the roof panels. The pieces were wrapped so carefully in its box so I can only assume this happened in production and they just decided to package it anyway.
    Another issue was the metal black piece that joins the roof - there were no pre-drilled holes in the wood to screw this into so you will struggle if you don’t have an electric drill.

    FYI: Not made in Australia, made in China.
    Also the instructions say to put the window panel on before the back panel but do it the other way around if you’re short. I almost considered crawling into the kennel to tighten the bolts at the bottom of the back area because it’s so high I could barely reach them.

    Overall this is an aesthetically pleasing kennel and the larger size will give my golden retriever plenty of space to stretch out, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend this product given the low quality and high price tag.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. We take customer feedback very seriously and always strive to improve our quality and customer satisfaction. If there is anything specific that you would like us to do to address the issue, please contact our customer care team. They will be more than happy to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and expectations.

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