Cat Litter Box, Bed and Scratching Post | Moderna Cat Concepts 3-in-1

  • $139.95

This multi-functional kitty litter box provides a solution for 3 of your cat's daily activities - sleeping, playing and littering. The litter box features a cozy washable bed, scratcher pole with toy, two solid latching locks and a charcoal filter that absorbs unwanted litter box odors. 

Installation Video

Product Features

  • Multi-functional concept that provides 3 products in 1 - litter box, bed and scratcher post with toy
  • A soft and machine washable cushion on the top
  • Spacious cat box
  • The in-built charcoal filter cuts down he unpleasant smell from litter box
  • Flip top lid provides quick, easy access for cleaning
  • Built-in scoop and charcoal filter included
  • Size L 39.5cm x W 47.5cm x H 43cm
  • A BONUS refill for scratching pole (RRP - $16.95)

Accessories Options

Additional charcoal filters and scratcher post refills can be purchased separately. We recommend charcoal filters are replaced every 3 months.

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