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Moderna Cat Concepts 3-in-1 Cat Litter Box, Bed and Scratching Post

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    Customer Reviews

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    Overall great

    Litter box looks great in our laundry room and our cat LOVES the bed on top aswell. The lift up lid means it’s easy to scoop and it does (just) fit a litter liner and still click into place, with a bit of difficulty. Only real negative is the base is too shallow so she pees onto the rim on the inside so despite the liner there is more to clean… Also the scratcher and toy are quite cheap and time consuming to put together so we just left them off.

    Kim Whitfield
    Not happy

    Product received was cracked. Did receive a replacement part. When putting together, realised another part was cracked. The top and bottom do not connect to sides. Can't pick it up without the bottom falling off.

    We're sorry that the litter box you purchased is cracked. Most likely the item was damaged in transit. Please contact our customer care team to arrange a replacement.

    Emma Heggaton
    Good litter box

    I like it, the packaging is environmentally friendly. The plastic on the sides doesn’t click together and is a little bent but otherwise sturdy and my cat figured it out without any hassles. She doesn’t use the bed/toy/scratch post, but it is a nice litter box.

    I love it!

    When I was researching for a new cat litter box for my two cats I wanted to make sure they were comfortable. My number one concern was that my cats had the room they needed to use the litter box properly, and hopefully solve the issue of our small bathroom not having enough room for both a cat bed and a litter box. This litter box is surprisingly big, my 7kg cat can move and turn around comfortably inside and both cats love the bed on the roof. It snapped together easily and the roof having a door makes it super convenient to scoop out dirty litter instead of having to take the top off every time I want to check the litter condition. Our cats started using it immediately but haven’t worked out the scratcher yet. Only annoying thing was having to punch out each individual cardboard piece for the scratcher which took me half an hour. We didn’t put the door flap on since it’s a new box to help the cats adjust which is working fine; but it does mean we need a litter mat for when they scoop the litter in the direction of the door. The litter box looks great too as we didn’t want an ugly box where guests are going to see the mess and we are also hoping the enclosed design will mean our future dog and child won’t want to play with the litter inside. It’s reasonably priced and ticks all our boxes so we are very pleased.

    Nicole Coelho

    Took my cat a couple of days to start using it, I had to take the door off so he would use it and then put it back in place after.
    He doesn’t use the bed on the top or the scratcher but it’s a good looking cat litter.
    Was also easy to put together

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