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Tips For Travelling With A Dog In Australia

April 15, 2019

It’s always great to get away, if even just for a short while. Regardless of the season or reason, even the shortest of getaway plans can make for awesome adventures. If you’re a pet owner, then you’d probably understand how few trips will ever be as heartwarming as the ones you get to spend together with your furry companion.

With any travel, the plan comes a fair amount of preparation, and any considerate pet owner would extend the same amount of forethought towards their four-legged friend. So where are you thinking of getting away to, and for how long? You’d be amazed by how these simple questions spark a variety of considerations that can help keep both you and your pet ready for the journey ahead.

In the points below, we cover a range of tips for travelling with a dog (or even travelling with a cat) in Australia.


Effective travel planning with a pet starts with addressing the simplest of considerations. Squaring away questions like how long you’ll be going away for, and what you’ll need for specific activities will make it easier for you to determine the essentials you’ll be needing for your trip.

Seeing how we’ve broached the topic of travelling with a dog or cat in Australia, don’t forget to bring a steady supply of treats! These wholesome travel snacks are 100% Australian made, and come in a variety of products and flavours. Consider bringing this treat dispenser along as well – there’s no telling how you’ll be able to keep an energetic pet entertained while you’re away from home.

Seeing as it all boils down to the type of holiday you’re planning for, we’ve prepared a handful of scenarios for you to consider. Think about how each of these scenarios matches up with your own plans. With each of them, we’ve even recommended some handy pet essentials that can help you ensure nothing but a great time away with your favourite pawed passenger stowed away comfortably by your side!


When it comes to travelling with a dog (or cat) in Australia, you might be surprised to realise how the quickest getaways make for the most fulfilling adventures. National parks and beaches are among top favourites for pet owners who are strapped for free time. If a quick getaway is what you have in mind, then it could be the perfect time to look up a friend living in a faraway suburb, or in the countryside.

So, what can you do to ensure both comfort and safety for your pet, while you both hit the road for a quick holiday? Consider for instance, how this multi-functional car seat cover can provide a variety of configurations to make for a safe and cushy road trip with your pet.

Created by the Australian company Slingguard, it not only provides safety and comfort for your pet, but also helps to make short work of any cleaning up you’ll have to do after your trip. Another way you can keep your favourite pup feeling safe and snug on the road, is with this travel seatbelt by iBuddy. Remember: safety should always come first!

Ensuring a comfortable and safe travel experience for your pet entails a thoughtful preparation – here are some more general items and considerations to keep in mind when travelling with a dog or cat:

Safety and Comfort

  • Carrier or Crate: Choose a sturdy, well-ventilated, and appropriately-sized carrier or crate to keep your pet secure during transit.
  • Harness and Leash: Always have a durable leash and harness to control and secure your pet during stops.
  • Car Safety Harness/Seat Belt: If travelling with your dog or cat by car, invest in a safety harness or seat belt designed for pets to ensure their safety in case of sudden stops.

Feeding and Hydration

  • Portable Water and Food Bowls: Compact, foldable, or collapsible bowls that you can easily carry and use to feed your pet or provide water during the trip.
  • Pet Food and Treats: Enough food for the duration of the trip, and some treats for rewarding good behaviour.
  • Water: Always carry fresh water, especially for car trips where it might not be readily available.

Health and Hygiene

  • Pet First-Aid Kit: A basic first-aid kit with essential items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, a tick remover, and any necessary medication.
  • Waste Management Supplies: Poop bags for dogs or a portable litter box for cats to manage waste while on the go.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Wipes, towels, and perhaps a pet-friendly cleaner for unexpected messes.
  • Identification: Ensure that your pet has a secure collar with an ID tag containing your contact information – consider a microchip for additional security.

Rest and Relaxation

  • Bedding: A comfortable, portable bed or blanket that your pet is familiar with to help them settle in unfamiliar environments.
  • Toys: Bring along a few favourite toys to provide comfort and entertainment during the journey.

Climate Considerations

  • Cooling or Warming Accessories: Depending on the climate, consider items like a cooling mat, pet-friendly sunscreen, a pet coat, or booties to protect their paws from hot or cold surfaces.

Behaviour Management

  • Calming Products: Some pets may benefit from items designed to reduce stress and anxiety, such as calming sprays or anxiety wraps.


  • Ramp or Steps: For older pets or those with mobility issues, a ramp or steps can help them get in and out of vehicles more easily.

Health Documentation

  • Vaccination Records and Health Documentation: When it comes to tips for travelling with a dog in Australia, always carry a copy of your pet’s vaccination records and any pertinent health information, especially for international travel.

Utility Items

  • Backpack or Pet Stroller: Depending on your type of travel, a pet backpack or stroller could make moving through airports or cities easier.

Always ensure that all items are pet-friendly and suitable for your pet’s specific needs and preferences. Also, familiarise your pet with these items before traveling to minimise stress. Lastly, it’s crucial to check and adhere to any travel guidelines or restrictions related to pet travel in your departing location and destination.


If you’ve got time to get away for the weekend, how about bringing your pet along for an extended road trip? You’d want to fill your weekend away with as many exciting activities as possible, so be sure to plan ahead for them! Accessibility should be a key consideration, as you’d want to ensure that both you and your pet would be able to have a great time together.

Take, for example, how it would help to think beyond basic necessities like food and water, if you’ve thought of bringing your pet along on a hike. Is your pet suited to the terrain, and is there anything else you could do to ensure you’ll both have a wonderful time together?

If you think your pet might enjoy the hike from the comforts of a carrier, consider how this ultralight pet carrier backpack by Ibiyaya can meet your needs.

With plenty of mesh fabric to ensure appropriate ventilation and visibility for your pet, it provides pet owners with a hands- and hassle-free experience that’s perfect for a hiking trail, or even just a casual stroll around your next holiday destination.

Don’t forget to keep yourselves hydrated while you enjoy the outdoors! This travel water bottle features a sleek and clever design that will ensure your pet never goes thirsty, no matter where the road takes you.

If you’ve decided that a bit of indoor time would be perfect for your pet cat, here’s a way to keep the furniture safe from scratches, while entertaining your cat. This wrap around cat scratcher is easy to stow away and set up, and even comes with a ball toy to keep kitty happy wherever you go.


A long drive could well be worth your effort, especially with plenty of scenic journeys to anticipate along the way. However, packing and preparing for such a drive isn’t necessarily what a time-poor pet owner would look forward to. For an extended vacation without the hassle, a flight could save you from the stress involved with preparing for a long drive ahead.

If your pet is small enough to travel with you in the cabin, consider this among the many reasons why you should consider flying instead! A collapsible and stylish pet carrier bag like this one by Ibiyaya might just be what you need to stow your pawed passenger comfortably away in the under seat compartment.

If you’ve planned for a getaway filled with a wide variety of different activities, it’s worth considering how a cleverly designed pet travel product can offer convenience throughout your holiday. Ibiyaya’s 4-in-1 combination pet carrier can easily be stowed for a flight, and provides a multi-functional design that’s especially considerate for pet owners travelling with their furry companion. 

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