Moderna Mega Smart Extra Large Cat Litter Box, Titanium

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    J Taylor
    Great Extra Large Litter Box

    I have a big cat and this means he needs a huge litter box. The Moderna box does the trick. My cat has enough room to do the business and it is enclosed so that the smell is contained and my lord has the privacy he requires.

    Tracy Carlos
    Massive good quality kitty litter box

    This kitty litter box is well worth the price. It's a really good height so that your cat can move around inside. It's also very good quality and looks lovely inside because of the colouring - it really blends in. It also masks any smells really well too.

    Good size for larger cat

    Happy with the design and size however I find this model a bit flimsy compare with the corner model I had. The hinge door is not convenient for scooping.

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