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Jasper 2 Cat Litter Cabinet, White

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    Customer Reviews

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    Useful design

    Clean, simple design. I like that I can tuck kitty litter box out of sight but still easy for my cat to use. I feel this product reduces the smell too because the litter box is not out in the open - though we do change the litter box twice per day.

    This is one fance litter cabinet.

    It's actually big so your cat is going to have a lot of room. I have a smaller tray for the kitten now, but it can fit a bigger one later on.

    Fits well in the bathroom space. I did use painters tape to mark out the area before purchasing. I use it as a table to place other times and my cloths to shower.

    Building it was simple. You don't need power tools to assemble this.

    Kitten has no trouble getting in and out.

    I do think it is over priced for what it is, and there are other options. I chose this one at the time because I didn't see any other options and the design overall was the best.

    Pam Hayers

    I needed to put Zero’s scratch box in the bathroom upstairs. It all fits and looks great. I’m very happy with my purchase. Thank you

    Cheap materials considering price

    Purchased a couple of weeks ago, arrived promptly and was easy to assemble. Looks great, but after only 1 week of use by my cat the mdf is already lifting on many places including on most corners. Also there appears to have been no consideration given to water proofing to allow for kitty accidents. Bubbly feeling on base board already, despite using a puppy pad under the litter tray. Not sure how long it will really last which is disappointing considering the price tag.

    We're sorry that this product isn't working well for you. We acknowledge that the materials used in this litter box are not waterproof which is why we added the following disclaimer to the website: 'The wooden materials used in this litter box are not waterproof so any spilled cat urine should be cleaned immediately to avoid swelling. Tip: For peace of mind, we recommend lining the inside of the cabinets with a white self-adhesive film and using a litter tray with side guards'.
    Please reach out if we can assist with anything else.

    Exactly what I wanted

    I bought two and they are amazing. Easy to put together and look amazing.

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