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Cat Scratcher Collapsible Lounge, Round Scratching Board & Bed

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    My Cats LOVEEEEEE this!!!!

    Cats love cardboard.
    Cats love round beds.
    What more is there to say?!!
    10/10 Totally recommend.
    Lily lives in her bed (she is obbessed!)
    Paige and Frankie - there is a fight for who gets it first, so I have had to buy 3!!!

    Margaret Callaghan

    My furbabe absolutely loves his collapsible lounge round scratching board & bed. He makes time to play and then it’s time for him to have a yoga rest after a heavy workout with his bed.

    1 feline fail & 1 certified pawfect scratcher

    My very fickle feline loves the round scratching board & bed sadly he refuses to acknowledge the collapsible cat scratcher lounge. There is nothing wrong with the collapsible one he just doesn't like it. Definitely recommend buying the curved cat scratcher. He now uses that instead of the couch & the carpet so it's been a great success in our house.

    Fiona Bertinshaw
    Two cats, One bed!

    Adventure playground, scratching circle, hole to find what’s at the bottom and a bed in one. The round scratching bed is a huge hit with our cats, however, with only one bed and 2 cats it has been most entertaining to watch their interactions. They love it!!!

    Love them!

    My Ragdoll cats love them! They use them as day beds. They love cardboard and these look so much better than cardboard boxes. One of my cats loved them immediately and the other loved them a few weeks later (so I recommend leaving it out for a while).

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