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Tips on keeping pets warm in winter

July 10, 2024

As the temperature drops across Australia, keeping our furry friends warm and cozy becomes a top priority for pet owners. The chill can be uncomfortable for pets, especially those who are used to basking in our usually warm climate. Here are some practical tips to ensure your pet stays warm during the colder months.

Choose the right bedding

A warm, comfortable bed is essential for keeping your pet warm during winter. Elevate your pet's bed off the floor and away from drafts to keep them snug. Investing in a quality dog bed that provides excellent insulation and warmth can make a big difference. Look for beds made with plush materials that retain heat.

Provide extra blankets and mats

Adding an extra layer of warmth can greatly benefit pets in winter, especially outdoor pets. Consider placing soft, warm blankets and mats in your pet's favourite spots around the house. These items not only add comfort but also help to trap body heat, ensuring your pet stays warm even on the coldest nights.

Consider clothing for your pet

For particularly chilly days, especially for short-haired breeds, clothing can provide an additional layer of warmth to keep your dog warm outside. A well-fitted sweater or jacket can be very beneficial when taking your pet outdoors. Check out the stylish options available in dog clothing that not only keep your pet warm but also make a fashion statement.

Keep up with grooming

Maintaining your pet’s coat is vital during winter. A well-groomed coat serves as a natural insulator. Regular brushing helps to remove dead hair and improve circulation, which in turn helps to keep your pet’s coat healthy and resilient against the cold.

Manage outdoor time

While it’s important to maintain exercise routines, limiting time outdoors during particularly cold spells is wise. Opt for shorter, more frequent walks to ensure your pet stays active but not uncomfortably cold. Always check the paws for signs of cold damage or irritation from the cold ground after walks.

Provide a warm and secure outdoor shelter

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, ensure they have a warm shelter that is protected from wind and rain. The shelter should be elevated, with dry bedding, and positioned in a sunny spot during the day.

Monitor their food and water

Pets might need slightly more food in the winter as they burn extra energy to stay warm. Ensure their water doesn’t freeze over if it's particularly cold, and check that they are hydrated and well-fed.

Keep older pets comfortable

Older pets may suffer more in the cold as arthritis and other health issues can worsen. Keep them warm and consider an orthopaedic bed to help ease joint pain.

Watch for signs of discomfort

Finally, always keep an eye on your pet for signs of discomfort or reluctance to engage in normal activities, which might suggest they’re feeling too cold. Adjust their environment and clothing as needed to ensure they're comfortable. Winter doesn’t have to be a discomfort for your pets. With the right preparations, you can ensure they stay warm and cozy throughout the season.

Need more advice on how to care for your pet during winter or require assistance with choosing the right products? Don’t hesitate to contact our team.