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February 03, 2021

For cat owners worldwide, the subject of what type of litter trays to use for their pets has always been up for discussion, but the top entry litter box has always been one of the top and most common choices.

Not everyone has the luxury of space for their cats to go to the toilet in. An enclosed litter box with an open-top has become quite the norm for many people - even for those with space just because of its practicality and the privacy it gives the cats when going to the toilet. Some people even claim that they lessen the kitty litter smell from spreading throughout the house.

The Pros

The Top Entry Litter Box is famous and commonly used for many reasons, but from a human's point of view, several stand out. 

Here are the pros when it comes to using a Top Entry Litter Box:

Privacy for your Cat - Let's face it. Cats are weird creatures. Some of them are perfectly fine with going to the toilet in front of people, and some despise it. This is also one of the few reasons why some cats are harder to train to use a litter box.

Even as kittens, some of these behaviours are inherent, and there's no simple way to change that. The simple solution to this is by providing them with enough privacy that they feel comfortable enough to go to the toilet while still being able to see their surroundings.

Less Space - Like we've talked about earlier, different types of litter boxes take varying amounts of space in your house. The top entry litter box is minimal, so you won't have to worry about taking up too much space if you live in a small area. Nobody wants their visitors to be greeted by a litter box because they don't have enough room in their apartment.

Litter Tracking - Litter tracking is one of the most annoying things to have to deal with when you're living with a feline friend. This often happens when cats aren't entirely inside the litter box or aren't finished yet, but they leave the box. 

A top entry litter box ensures that they don't leak at all since it's enclosed, and they'll need to be inside the box to do their deed correctly.

Prevents Health Risks - If you're living with children, especially those who are still too young to understand that cat poop is bad for their health, top entry litter boxes are great at deterring them from trying to get a hand on the kitty's litter. 

Also, if you have dogs, these are also great at keeping them away because, for some reason, kitty litters are one of their favorite things to mess around with.

Odour - This one is something that all cat owners agree on. No matter how much sand you leave in their litter, there's bound to be some smell left in your litter. This is worse when using litter boxes that are wide open because there's a lot of room for the air to swoop in and permeate the odor.

It's definitely better to use a top entry litter box if you want to avoid your entire house smelling of cat litter, or at least some reminiscent smell that hangs around.

The Cons

Obviously, there will always be some takeaways despite how nice top entry litter boxes seem. It still depends on your cats' personal preferences as all cats are different, but these are the cons that most cat owners face when keeping a top entry litter box.

Odour - Just like humans, cats don't like the strong smell too. In fact, they have a much more sensitive sense of smell than their owners. When you're keeping litter inside the box, it keeps the smell away from the rest of the house, but it gets much more potent and concentrated inside.

Due to this more pungent odor inside, if it gets left uncleaned for a while, the smell might deter your kittens from entering it, and they'll end up going to the toilet in some other place in the house.

Security - Although we've mentioned that cats do indeed value their privacy, for most animals, when they go to the toilet, they have to make sure that they're safe because that's when they're most vulnerable in nature.

An enclosed litter box might make your cat feel like they have only one means of escape, and most cats don't like that. If you have cats that aren't that comfortable yet, they might not trust the box enough to litter in it.

Age - Like their humans, cats get less agile with age too. With older and less agile cats, these litter boxes that only have openings at the top might make it hard for them to jump down into the litter and out. 

If your cat finds it hard to go in and out of these litter boxes, they might end up not using them at all.

Humidity: Cats' litters have to be kept dry to ensure that the odor isn't as strong and that the solids and liquids inside clump with the litter. If it isn't dry enough, the things inside won't be clumping. Since a top entry litter box doesn't have as much air circulation, it will be more humid than other types of litter boxes.


Overall, there are many pros and cons when it comes to the top entry litter box, and although we'd argue that the pros definitely outweigh the cons, there are certain situations that call for you to use other types of litter boxes instead.

At the end of the day, if your cat doesn't like using top entry litter boxes because of the smell, or because it has a hard time climbing in and out of it, or for some reason it just doesn't want to use it, then you're left with no choice than to get it something it's comfortable with.