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Pet Tech Makes Looking After Pets Fun and Easy

December 02, 2022

Nowadays, technological innovations aren’t just limited to common areas like transportation and communication. In fact, a lot of innovations are also happening in the pet tech sector. As it turns out, we humans aren’t the only ones who get to be excited about the introduction of new technology. Our pets deserve the same kind of treatment as well.

However, this begs the question: how exactly will smart pet technology affect your pets’ lives? What are the benefits they bring?

How Smart Pet Tech Can Play a Role in Your Pet’s Daily Life

Imagine going to work and receiving a notification on your smartphone which was activated by your pet dog at home. Upon opening an app, you see your furry pal wagging his tail as he sees you on the pet cam. Upon clicking Play, you can control a toy that your dog can chase. After a few minutes of playing, you then click Treat, and the dispenser at home will give your pet a treat. 

This is exactly what the common concept of smart pet technology is all about. Pet tech manufacturers such as Dogness have a goal of changing the way pet owners interact with their pets when they’re far from home, keeping their pets happy, safe, and healthy at the same time. 

One particular innovation we offer is the Dogness Smart Robot Dog Sitter. It’s basically a smart pet device that comes with a WiFi-enabled camera to allow you to watch and listen to your pets anytime using a smartphone app. It also allows you to communicate with your pets, give them treats and follow them into any room inside your house.

Apart from that, there’s also the Smart Retractable Dog Leash which is meant to make walking sessions with your dog easier and more enjoyable. This smart leash comes with a switch mechanism that allows you to control your pet with ease. It even features an LED light for added safety during nighttime walks and a Bluetooth speaker for added entertainment as you walk your dog.

There are also several other smart pet tech gadgets in our collection. There’s the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door connect which allows easy entry and exit for your dogs and cats, the Dogness Pet Water Drinking Fountain to keep your pets hydrated at all times and a range of automatic pet feeders to make sure your pets are properly fed during your absence.

How Your Pets Can Benefit from Smart Pet Techs

With the introduction of smart home systems, an explosion of smart pet tech gadgets has hit the market as well. These included automatic pet feeders, pet monitors, and smart leashes to name a few. That said, here are the benefits you and your pets can get from using these smart pet tech gadgets:

1. They Allow You to Monitor Your Pets with Ease

With pet monitors such as the Dogness Dog Camera & Interactive Treat Dispenser, you will be able to monitor the activities of your pet even when you’re not nearby. This device can be controlled and navigated via an app on your iOS and Android device. As you leave your home for work, you can keep an eye on your pet via the full HD camera with night-vision and communicate with them verbally using the microphone and speaker. 

Since it’s Wifi-enabled and contains a treat dispenser, you can also use it for positive reinforcement so you can train your dog to behave while at home. Additionally, you can also take photos and record video in real-time.

2. They Ensure Mealtimes Don’t Come Late

Another benefit that smart pet tech gadgets offer is the ability to give your pets their meals right on time and this is particularly useful for pet owners who have hectic schedules, considering how easy it can be to forget feeding their pets on time. With a smart automatic pet feeder, it will be possible for you to feed your pet consistently each day at the same time and with the right amount to suit their diet. 

There are also other pet feeders that come with features that allow your pet to access their food whilst keeping out other animals via a microchip attached to their collar tags. One good example is the Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder from Sure Petcare.

3. They Can Keep Your Pets Secure When You’re Not Around

If you are concerned about your pet’s security when you’re not around, especially that of your cats, then you shouldn’t worry that much with the help of flap doors. With a flap door, you can give your pets the freedom and security they deserve to allow them to enter and exit your house anytime they want.

One such example is the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door connect from Sure Petcare. This smart pet tech can provide access to your pet while keeping out other animals by detecting the microchip in your pet’s collar tag. Meanwhile, it also allows you to monitor when your pets enter and exit your house even when you’re not around via the Sure Petcare app.

With such technology, you can provide your pets with the security they need without having to compromise their freedom.

4. They Provide Entertainment Whenever You’re Not Around

Some dogs and even cats get bored when left alone inside the house while you’re away at work. Fortunately, there are smart pet tech innovations that will keep them entertained and even stimulated, both mentally and physically. Moreover, some of them even allow you to constantly keep in touch with your furry friends wherever you are with the help of a dedicated smartphone app.

One good example is the Dogness Robot Sitter which is basically a companion for your pet. What this smart tech gadget does is keep your pet company while reducing his overall anxiety level. Apart from that, it also increases your pet’s level of exercise and makes sure that he can have fun and won’t feel alone while you’re not around.

With the availability of such gadgets, with even more to come, you can certainly keep your pets entertained for hours even when they’re left alone in your house.


Such high-tech pet gadgets are designed to help you deal with the issues of pet care while you’re far away from home. However, keep in mind that technology can only do so much. While smart pet gadgets are intended to provide pet care in possible lacking areas, you should never forget that all of your furry friends still require your physical interaction and tender, loving care.