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Keeping Your House Clean with Multiple Cats: A Comprehensive Guide

October 19, 2023

Cats have a way of seamlessly stealing our hearts. Their mischievous antics, alluring gazes, and endearing purrs make them one of the most popular pets worldwide. But, if you’ve ever wondered, “how to keep house clean with cats?” especially with multiple fur-babies, you’re certainly not alone. Maintaining a spotless home amidst the endless cat hair, litter trails, and spontaneous hairball gifts is an art in itself.

This guide, loaded with proven tips, will become your go-to manual for ensuring your home stays pristine, even when it feels like you can’t keep your house clean with cats.

  1. The Case Against Carpets

Carpet, with its lush fibres, might feel great underfoot – but it’s a magnet for cat fur, dander, and any accidents your feline friends might have. Unlike hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring, carpets trap and retain dirt and hair, making them tedious to clean. So, if you’re determined about keeping the house clean with multiple cats, consider ditching the carpet or at least minimising its presence in your home.

  1. The Cat Command Centre

What do we mean by this? Allocate one particular space in your home for all cat-related items. Dedicate this zone for automatic pet feeders, scratching posts, pet beds, cat litter boxes and trays, and more. Not only does this create a designated area for your cats to “rule”, but it also centralises the mess, ensuring the rest of your house remains immaculate.

  1. Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odours

No one wants a home that screams “I own a cat!” just by its scent. Enzyme-based pet odour neutralisers are a game-changer in this department. They don't merely mask the odour; they break it down. Explore our range of powerful odour removers – they’re a must-have if you’re serious about learning how to keep your house clean with cats.

  1. Weekly Cleaning Rituals

Consistency is key! With multiple cats around, weekly dusting and vacuuming become more than just a chore – they’re an essential routine. This ensures cat hair, dander, and litter don’t accumulate and turn your home into a feline-themed mess.

  1. Opt for Machine Washable Fabrics

Cats love to lounge — on the couch, your bed, chairs, you name it! Ensure that wherever they choose to snooze, the fabrics are machine washable. Whether it’s throws, cushion covers, or bed linens, being able to toss them in the wash will significantly ease your cleaning burden.

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your House Clean with Multiple Cats

It’s a delightful challenge to keep the house clean with cats, especially when multiple whiskered faces look up at you. But with the right strategies in place, you can have the best of both worlds – a clean, fresh home and the joy of feline companionship.

Embrace these tips, and you’ll never have to wonder about maintaining a spotless home with your furry friends again!