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Scoop Free Cat Litter Box, Moderna Lift-to-Sift Grey, Large

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    Customer Reviews

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    Best litterbox there is!

    This litterbox is amazing, I bought the Large size instead of jumbo only because I liked the colour of the green sift tray better (haha!!), but I also read comments that the sift on the jumbo is different. The size is really good though, and sift works well. Some of the wood pellets get stuck in the sift tray but its no big deal I just whack them out when I do a deep clean of the tray. The sides are also nice and high on all 4 sides which is great. Buy it!

    Dojen Gunni
    Kimba's Kitty Litter

    Awesome! Fantastic. My Cat He is Tonkinese and Loves His new kitty litter tray. It is the right size for Him. I find it easy to maintain the change and cleaning of the Tray. You clean one while using the other. Great Regards Dojen

    Nicole White
    Lift to Sift Litter Tray

    Great product. Highly recommend

    Jodie Hoskin

    Scoop Free Cat Litter Box, Moderna Lift-to-Sift Grey, Large

    Ansie Botha
    A game changer

    What an incredible product. Makes life much easier.

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