Scoopfree Cat Litter Box, Moderna Lift-to-Sift Grey Large

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    Great Litter Box!

    This is the second box I bought for my cat! It’s the exact same as the previous one, as we just love it! Very practical, good size, good hight, super easy to clean. We use it with wooden pallets and it works perfectly! Our cat loves it! 😻

    Good sifter but hard to keep clean

    Using betonite cat litter. It is rare that the cat litter is always solidified. This tray is easier than scooping but is still very messy. I have separated the trays and use the seive also separately. Line the trays with newspaper to prevent clumping on the bottom of the tray. I sift the litter into a large plastic tub from bunnings. A different cat litter tray down in the box. Sifter on top. Pour litter into seive. Clouds of dust. So pour slowly. There just doesn't seem to be an easy,hygienic way and cost-effective way of dealing with cat litter. I have donated other litter trays to the pound. I have 3 cats and use 4 litter trays all up with the seive. The price is great compared to other models. I had intended to buy two sets but there is no point just use the existing seive. You can't leave the seive in the tray and put litter on top as it just clogs the holes.

    Scoopfree Cat Litter Box, Moderna Lift-to-Sift Grey - Large

    Delivery was very quick. The Litter box is great.
    Good quality. Very easy to clean and get rid of soiled litter. The high sides help to keep the 'flying litter' in.
    My cat is small... If I was buying again, I would buy the 'Extra Large'. The 'Large' is a bit small... even for a small cat.
    Despite that it works perfectly.
    My cat has had no issues adapting to it.


    One of my cats always seems to pee onto the kitty litter and onto the tiles. Thought that with higher tray it would be harder for him to pee on the tiles. Looks like it has worked!!

    Great litter box

    Cat loves it!

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