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Top Entry Litter Box, Moderna Top Cat, Jumbo Size

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White/ Warm Grey
Warm Grey/Lemon
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Susan rynberk
    Top entry litter box

    Great product. Stops your dogs from having a hot snack. Unfortunately if your cat is a beefy boy the lid may not survive him falling on it from the cat tower. Apart from that little episode it’s a great litter box

    Phil McCormack
    Very Good

    However, I stipidly sat on the top 1 x Top Entry Litter Box, Moderna Top Cat, Jumbo Size and broke the hinges etc. Can I order a replacement top/lid etc?

    Great purchase

    I like it a lot but had to take the lid off because my cats are clumsy. I will try it with the lid on again once they get used to it. It's a nice size and looks great!

    Rachael Rogers
    So much better!

    So much better than a regular litter box, we have tried all the usual styles. The top entry means no leaks or sprays and minimal litter leaving the box. Totally recommend!

    Samantha Van der Riet
    Top entry litter box

    Best thing I've ever bought. Our Sphynx liked to pee over the side of every other litter box! She happily shares this litter box with her brother (a big tabby) and we no longer have any issues. Thanks!

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