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Moderna Maasai Hooded Cat Litter Box w/ Bonus Matching Kitty Bowl

Size Guide

size guide


Dimensions (Large Size) - L 50cm x W 39.5cm x H 37.5cm
Dimensions (Jumbo Size) - L 57.4cm x W 44.8cm x H 42.7cm


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Vivien Wong
    Stylish and convenient

    The litter box is lighter than it looks and is easy to carry around. My cat loves it and sometimes even goes in there for a little nap. It would be even better if there could be two entrances so cats could leave the litter box from above to avoid spillage of litter and makes the human job of cleaning the space around the litter box slightly easier

    Elisha Hoareau

    So glad I came across Modern Pets! They're local and their items are made with good quality. My cats had 2 other litter boxes that they had to share. We removed the flaps because they wouldn't use it otherwise....and in time, one of them had jumped on the lid and broke it. I needed to get a new one and paid the money for good quality. I'm so happy with this Moderna Massai Hooded Cat Litter and so are my boys. They have privacy and love the flap doors, it's much more spacious for them, and the charcoal filter actually works!!! Keeps the smell in! So happy and considering buying another one and throw the old boxes out. Thanks Modern Pets!!!!

    Susanne Price
    Litter Box

    Moderna make awesome litter boxes. I have purchased 3 and have not been disappointed from kitten to full size cat. Love the designs making these a standout litter box. Perfect well made with accessories fitted in the box itself.

    Michelle Donovan
    Neat and stylish Hooded Litter Box

    The Moderna Maasai Hooded litter box is a stylish hooded litter box that is one of the more sleek looking litter boxes Ive seen. Nice ice blue colour, cute little decals on the side. Phoebe wont use the hinged door (Ive easily taken it off) but its still open enough for her to enter and exit and small enough to hide the litter and keep it contained. Plenty of room to turn around in as well. Great buy and quick delivery.

    'Maasai' Cat Litter Box w/ Bonus Matching Kitty Bowl

    I’m very pleased with the quality of this litter box and matching kitty bowl - our kitty took to it straight away - easy to clean and looks good as well. I would highly recommend Modern Pets - the items arrived promptly and were well packed. Thank you.

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