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How to Select the Right Pet Stroller for Your Pet

April 29, 2022

Most pet owners love the idea of taking our furry companions along with us nearly everywhere we go, and a decent pet stroller not only makes this possible, it actually makes it convenient and hassle-free.

Pet strollers offer numerous benefits over standard leashes or carriers. Aside from the fact that leashes can get tangled and carriers can be heavy, strollers are a much better option for pets with weight problems, joint issues or perhaps recovering from a recent surgery.

Other benefits include:

  • Reducing the likelihood of confrontation with other animals
  • Making transit easier, whether it’s by car, public transport or even by plane
  • Strollers are ideal for pets with anxiety issues
  • Allows pets with short legs or mobility problems to still experience the outdoors
  • They’re suitable for any weather conditions

However, with so many variations of pet strollers available, how do you know which design is best suited to you and your pet’s individual needs and preferences? Here’s a brief summary of the various types of pet strollers on the market:

Travel strollers

  • Portable, collapsible strollers which can easily be folded and placed in the boot or back seat of the car
  • Similar to baby strollers but with seats that are specially designed for carrying pets
  • Zip-up screen or mesh to allow pets to view outside

All-terrain stroller

  • Specially designed for use on surfaces other than just asphalt or concrete
  • Allows you to easily manoeuvre across dirt, gravel hiking trails, grassy lawn park areas and even sandy beaches
  • Larger tyres and better suspension system to prevent shaking or bouncing

Bicycle strollers

  • Two- or three-wheeled strollers that are good if you like to cycle but your pet can’t run at your usual cycle speed
  • Breathable screens for air circulation and external views for your pet

Double pet stroller

  • Accommodates two small cats or dogs in one stroller

How to select the right stroller for your pet? Ask yourself:

  • Is it the right size for my dog? (Size guide included below)
  • Is it designed for the activities I plan to use it for?
  • Can it withstand the terrain I’ll be using it on?
  • Are the handles at a comfortable height?
  • Will my pet have privacy but still be able to see outside? Does it have an extendable canopy, safety tether, easily accessible entry/exit point and durable wheels/tyres?
  • Is it safe, comfortable and affordable?
  • What have people said about this stroller in online reviews?

When figuring out what size stroller you need for your furry friend, it’s important to make sure that your pet will be able to stretch out, curl up and turn around easily. Measure your cat or dog from the neck to the base of the tail, and from their shoulder to the ground.

Add about 10cm to both of these measurements to cater for extra space, and these two numbers will be the height and width to keep in mind when choosing the ideal stroller for your pet.

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