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Dogs Deserves a Good Night’s Sleep So Buy them Their Bed

February 06, 2021

Everybody needs a comfortable place to snooze into – even dogs. Dogs need good and relaxing sleep, too. Just like humans, having a rejuvenating sleep is an excellent factor for dogs’ overall well-being. Dogs sleep between 12 to 18 hours per day, depending on their age.

If you truly treat your dog like family, then it’s time to buy him/her his/her bed. Yes, your dog might enjoy snuggling up with you during the night, but they need to have beds on their own, so they can have a relaxing spot during times when you are not at home.

As a fur parent, you’ll also enjoy certain benefits when buying your dog their bed. But first, what should you consider when buying one? Here are three pointers:

  1. The Dog Bed Must Support Your Dog’s Joints

A comfortable dog bed must be able to support your dog’s joints – be it when they are still puppies and as they grow up. Like humans, dogs develop problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues as they grow old.

That’s why it is essential to have a supportive dog bed that can help cush your dog’s body and gives them relief from any age-related problems they are experiencing.

You can look for beds with memory foam since it can provide soft support for your dog’s joints. As for older dogs, having this bed can help alleviate arthritis pain during the night and when they take their naps during the daytime.

  1. Good Dogs Beds Are Easy to Clean

If you want the smell of freshly washed sheets, then your dog likes it, too. Imagine the places your dog runs to every day. If you allow them outdoors, then they will surely bring in some unwanted elements to their bed. You want to make sure that their bed, being their haven of comfort, must be free from these undesirable elements. They can bring down dirt and some pests.

Thus, a good dog bed is something easy to wash. A dog bed with a removable is advisable, so you can easily toss it in the wash. By regularly washing your dog’s bed, you can keep dog hair, dander, and germs to a minimum.

  1. A Good Dog Bed Should Fit Your Dog

Choose a dog bed that is an appropriate size for your dog. A large dog will need a larger bed while a smaller dog can fit into small ones. This is to ensure that your dogs will have enough space to stretch out and sleep.

Now that you know the things to consider when buying a dog bed, it’s time to discuss what’s in it for you?

Here are some benefits to purchasing a bed for your dog:

     1. Contributes to your dog’s overall health

Have you ever been irritable for the day just because you didn’t get your much-needed rest? The same goes for your dog. If your dog sleeps on a hard and uneven surface, chances are they will have an uncomfortable sleep. This can lead to erratic sleep patterns that will then lead them to be irritable.

For older dogs, you might need an orthopedic bed as they already have weaker joints. Their fragile body causes them to feel pain if they sleep in an uncomfortable bed.

Give your dog the sleep he/she deserves, and you will be rewarded with welcome smooches, beautiful smiles, and happy tail wagging.

      2. Keeps Him Warm

If you only provide your dog with a makeshift bed, then it won’t be enough to protect him/her during chilly nights. Dogs are vulnerable to temperature change. A good dog bed is adequate protection for your dog when the temperature suddenly rises or drops.

You should also consider the temperature. If you are in an area where you experience extreme temperatures during winter, consider buying a self-warming dog bed for your canine companion. For moderately cold temperatures, a bed lined with plush material such as faux fur or sheepskin will suffice. If you are in a place where it’s mostly hot, then a cooling bed is also a good idea. It will keep him feeling fresh and invigorated during high temperatures.

    3. Helps With Behavioral Issues

You won’t have to deal with an angry, barking dog if your dog knows his/her spot. Yes, it is cute and heartwarming to have your dog sleeping right next to you at night. But understand that this is not a good idea.

Your dog sleeps with you because he/she feels comfortable. It won’t take long before your dog takes over your bed and won’t allow you to sleep on it. Why? Because you have permitted him/her to do so, and now he/she would feel that he/she is entitled to it.

Avoid this from happening and get your dog his/her bed now.

    4. Helps Preserve Your Furniture

If your dog doesn’t have a comfortable place to sleep, where is the next best thing? Your furniture. They would love to envelop themselves in your couch or the rug because these places are so comfortable to snug into.

You might find it difficult to erase the traces of your dog even if you vacuum it a lot of times. Once you introduce him/her to his/her bed, he/she will know where to go when he/she needs to feel the comfort he/she is seeking.

    5. Your Dog Will Have Their Special Place

Having a bed for your dog will give them their spot in the house. It becomes their area, their go-to place, their spot. Your dog will know that that area belongs to him/her; therefore, have a sense of entitlement to his/her own space.

It will be easier for him/her to find his/her spot when he feels like he needs to.

Whether it is rounded, elevated or wicker, we cannot stress enough the importance of giving your dog a comfortable bed. Being able to sleep correctly will help your dog be happier and more fulfilled every day. Treat your dogs like they are family. They deserve a comfortable space where they can enjoy their peaceful retreat as they sleep into slumber.