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Choosing the right dog lead for your pet

June 23, 2020

When it comes to choosing a dog lead, it is just as important as the harness. Your dogs lead is something that keeps your dog safe. That is its primary function. A dog lead makes it possible to take your dog with you and helps you stop them from entering potentially dangerous or other unwanted situations. 

With this in mind, the problems you can face with a lead that makes it less effective are

  • Not strong enough material
  • Poor/cheap stitching
  • Clips not matching your harness or collar
  • Uncomfortable to hold
  • Wrong length

We recommend dog leads made with one of either two materials. They are leather or nylon. Both of these materials or fabrics are very strong and will not break easily. Of course, a rope dog lead will not just be snapped by your excited dog, but over time, they wear out and become weaker faster.

Last week I watch as two dog owners and their larger dogs were sitting under a tree in a park by the beach. While the two women were talking, the larger of the two dogs chewed its way through the other dogs cheap lead. With a nylon lead, this would not have happened so easily.

Similarly, the quality of stitching is important. There is no point having a strong lead that comes unstitched. Buying one good leather dog lead is often better than two or three cheaper ones.

The next weak point on a dog lead is the latch, or clasp or clip. This is where you connect the lead to the collar or harness. As above, a better quality latch will last longer. Let’s face it, dog leads can take a bit of a beating. This can cause latches to stick or rust or lose their ability to swivel effectively. 

Other factors that should be considered when buying a dog lead include :

  • Lead must be comfortable to hold in the hand especially if you have a big dog that tends to pull on the lead. 
  • The material must be soft eg. elk leather, to not harm your dog
  • If using a retractable lead, it must be lightweight and have an ergonomic handle
  • Alternatively consider a 3-way adjustable training lead for hands-free walking

Finally, the right length of dog leash can make all the difference. Depending on your dog and you walking habits, a shorter or longer lead may be preferred. I see the odd homemade lead made of rope, and they are often much too long. Especially if you have children helping to walk a dog, a long lead can be dangerous. It gives your dog a lot more space to build up speed and power before pulling the rope. This can be harmful to your arm and shoulder joints and dangerous for kids.

My friend’s father used to say one saying many times over to us as children. It was “if you buy cheap, you buy twice.” This can easily be applied to leather dog leads. A good one will not only be more comfortable for you while you take your dog for a walk, it will also stand the test of time.

You can trust the quality if you buy a dog leads online from our store. We will have another post for you soon. Until then, enjoy your time when walking your dog today.