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Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Post, Cardboard Scratcher, Aqua

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Wing Sze Cheng
    Paper is Too flimsy for my cat

    It’s been less than 2 weeks and the cardboard is already being so destroyed by my cat. I have other paper scratch board that has lasted longer. Wish the paper quality was a bit better for that price. The design is great tho.

    Danielle Francis
    Great design, but those hooks?

    This scratcher looks sleek and my cat wants to scratch it (big win!). But I can’t get the hook setup right to keep it in place while being scratched. The hooks are incredibly cute and very sticky, but I think the tails need to bend to halo hold the scratcher securely. Or maybe I’m silly and need an illustration for the best way to utilize the hooks.

    The cat loves it!

    My cat is really long and the average cat scratcher wasn’t tall enough to accommodate his max stretch, so he used to scratch on our tall stack of books and my partner’s record collection. It was causing a lot of disharmony in the household. I bought this because it was over 90cm tall and I leaned it up against the book stack. It’s really sturdy and I didn’t need to mount it. The cat loves it and he scratches it rather than the books. We’re all much happier.

    William Rieger
    Cat scratch post

    Very pleased with the product and fast postage

    Janelle Lee
    Wall Mounted Scratch Post

    My cat enjoys this post. At first, I used it on the floor and my cat enjoyed lying on it, then I mounted it and he is using it for scratching. The only gripe is that I wish it was longer.

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