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Triangular Scratch Pad, Storm Grey

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    Worthwhile Investment

    Our 3 indoor cats use the triangular scratcher and large lounge shape scratcher regularly. I believe the furniture scratching has reduced as a result.

    Cheryl Spicer
    Charlie’s scratcher adventure

    Charlie used to have a Hepper triangular scratcher but it is not available anymore. So, I decided to try the one you sell. Charlie took to it straight away, however, I do not think it will turn out to be as durable as the previous brand as it already has greater wear than the old brand.Nevertheless I am reasonably happy with the product.

    Our cat loves this!

    We have 2 rescue cats, a fancy Scottish straight and a domestic stray. They get along and really enjoy their cardboard cat lounges, but by instinct I thought our fancy cat (who loves to stretch and scratch) would love this and she does! It’s become the thing she uses most, she loves jumping on top and scratching, and lying inside and scratching upwards. She rubs her face all around it and walks through the middle to rub her body. Our other cat hasn’t touched it at all, but she spends most of her time outside. Check the measurements as this perfect for our fancy cat, who is on the smaller size.

    One happy kitty

    Our cat randomly decided her usual scratching pole was no longer any good and tried the couch out instead! Not happy Jan! We bought the Triangular Scratch Pad in the hope that she would be attracted to something new and shiny. It worked! She loves it! As a bonus she seems to get a bit of a back scratch when she walks through it. We sometimes hide her biscuits inside the triangle, particularly in the corners. It's great for our cat to go hunting and to figure out how to retrieve her much loved food.

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