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Furrytail Clear Drinking Cat Water Fountain, 2L Capacity

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    Customer Reviews

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    Cherith Campbell-Bell
    Stylish cat water fountain

    My two cats took to this fountain instantly and they enjoy drinking from it. It has a great, modern design that looks great but it is also very practical.
    The pump is very quite and the light around the bottom helps to avoid accidentally kicking it in the dark.

    Vonni Bradford
    Fancy water fountain

    My boy, Basil loves the water fountain. He enjoys drink a fresh water Furrytail Clear Drinking Cat water fountain that I got from modern pet website.

    Konstanze Lent
    Quality fountain kitten approved

    The fountain is sturdy, very quiet and the light at the bottom looks beautiful at night. My two kitties immediately started drinking from it as soon as I unpacked it. Definitely recommend this drinking fountain.

    Jessica Granberg
    Ninja & Keith

    Hi we are two rambunctious burmese cats and we love our new water fountain. we like to lick it from the top and love the light that is under it so our humans don't have to leave a light on at night. this is much better than our ugly previous fountain that splattered on the floor every time we drank.

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