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Furrytail Boss Cat Chair, Elevated Cat Bed

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    It was a pleasure to deal with Modern Pets! All my items were received quicker than expected - especially around the Christmas period and all were as described. Very happy buyer. Would 100% recommend!

    Very Popular Addition to Desk

    I grabbed this one because I thought it'd fit on my desk - I was pretty spot on with dimensions, fits the space easily and it's been a super popular pick. One cat used to demand lap snuggles all the time and rest her chin on my wrist while I typed - adorable, but really inflamed my RSI. But since I got this she's gone for the bed nearly every single time. It's great all around - she doesn't get disturbed every time I need to get up and stretch, she still gets chin scratches and a warm spot and a cozy curvy shape to help her feel like she's getting a cuddle.
    Definitely recommend for other pet owners looking for a cat bed for fussy cats who demand lap cuddles all the time.
    My other cat isn't a huge cuddler herself and likes a bit of space - she's also tucked into this a couple of times, not as often as the other one but still seems to appreciate it and spends more time close to me there than she used to. Easy to set up, and well worth.

    Furrytail’s mission is to provide better living experiences for all pets and their families through innovation. Furrytail strive to present pet lovers with attractive, functional and well-designed products to enjoy for years to come.