Cat Litter Box w/ Odor Control | Moderna 'Cats In Love' Large

  • $69.95

Don't settle for humdrum when it comes to cat litter boxes. Moderna's range of cat litter boxes and open litter trays are fun, functional and designed to integrate seamlessly with your home. The 'Cats in Love' hooded cat litter box is a premium quality box that looks good, is easy to clean and large enough to suit any size cat.

Product Features

  • Stylish design with cratch & UV-proof print
  • Cat box includes one scoop and a charcoal filter to help reduce odor
  • Made of premium quality plastic for long-lasting
  • Translucent door for added privacy
  • Easy-to-carry handle
  • Large size with a length of 57cm
  • Made in Belgium

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